Traffic Ticket FAQs

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Once people receive a speeding citation, red light ticket, or any other form of traffic violations, most of them will just pay the fine or they are not certain of what steps they should take next. If you don't pay for the ticket, what happens? Is it worth your time to challenge the ticket? It can be extremely helpful to know the answers to these questions as well as other commonly asked questions regarding traffic violations so that you can make a well-informed decision regarding your particular situation.

Should You Simply Pay the Fine?

Determining whether you should choose to plead guilty and pay the ticket will depend on several factors, such as the fine amount, the evidence that the state has against you, as well as your prior driving record. It is important to keep in mind that the penalties of a conviction tend to extend beyond that of the fine that you pay, including increased auto insurance rates and harsher penalties for similar offenses in the future.

What Will Happen If You Choose Not to Pay the Fine?

If you fail to pay the traffic violation fine, then you will face significant consequences that will likely outweigh that of the original fine. Apart from financial consequences, you may have your driver's license suspended and points added to your driving record.

What Do You Need to Do When You Get Pulled Over?

When you are pulled over by a police officer, it is important to be calm and polite. Make sure to always follow the instructions that you are given, even if you believe that the officer had no reason to pull you over. Instead, if you think the stop is unfair, collect evidence from the scene that can be used to build a defense later on. Request a copy of the ticket, request the badge number of the officer that pulled you over, and write down the license plate number of the squad car.

Can You Fight a Traffic Violation Ticket?

Many individuals assume that their only option is to pay for the ticket, accept the punishments, and move on. However, with an experienced attorney on your side who can develop a solid defense, it may be possible to have the ticket thrown out or reduced to a lower charge—and this can be particularly helpful if you have multiple tickets on your driving record already.

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