Why Do You Even Need a Lawyer for a Traffic Violation?

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If you've gotten a traffic violation, you might think the best choices are just paying the fine or trying to talk to the judge yourself. That can sometimes work, but it could hurt you to try to handle a traffic violation without a lawyer. Here's why.

Traffic Violation Lawyers Cost Less Than the Fine

It may surprise you to learn that a traffic violation lawyer will often cost you less than the potential fine itself. That's because traffic violation lawyers can handle many traffic violations on the same day. Unlike a trial for a major crime, each traffic violation case usually only takes a few minutes. Since the experience a traffic violation lawyer gains from handling all of those cases can potentially increase your chances of winning, hiring a traffic violation lawyer can be a smart financial move.

You Want to Keep Your Job

Some jobs require a perfect driving record. These can include both jobs that require you to drive as well as others that view your driving record as a measure of your responsibility even if you don't drive on the job. Having a traffic violation on your record could mean getting fired or losing chances to increase your pay. Even if it doesn't matter at your current job, it could come into play later on. A traffic violation lawyer can't keep your employer from firing you for your violation, but they could help you try to avoid a violation that will endanger your employment.

You Want Your Insurance to Stay Low

Sometimes, it's impossible to beat a traffic violation entirely. However, not all traffic violations affect your insurance the same way, and some won't even make your rates go up at all. If the judge or prosecutor is insisting that you need to pay a fine, your traffic violation lawyer might be able to help you cut a deal to plead guilty to a different violation that won't affect your insurance.

Some Traffic Violations are Crimes

It some situations, a traffic violation doesn't just mean a fine. It could mean jail time. For example, reckless driving or DUI could leave you with a criminal record. You don't want to go into court thinking you only might lose a few dollars when you could walk out convicted of a crime. Talk to a traffic violation lawyer if you aren't entirely sure what's a stake.

To learn more about what to do about a traffic violation, talk to a local traffic violation lawyer today.