Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer After A Dog Bite?

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Dogs are important animals as they help protect properties and your loved ones, but they can also pose a danger. Dog owners and caretakers need to watch their dogs and take measures to prevent dog bites. Different states have laws that dog owners should comply with to keep members of the community safe.

But what happens if a dog bites you? You should seek medical attention immediately and seek legal help. Here is when you need a personal injury lawyer after a dog bite.

Owner's Negligence

If you were in the right place when the dog bit you, the owner should take responsibility and compensate you. For instance, if you had gone for a walk and a dog released without supervision attacked you, you can sue the owner for compensation. Owners are supposed to keep their dogs in kennels or within their property, and when they are out, they should be with a caretaker.

Moreover, the dog's owner is considered negligent if they know their dog is dangerous, such as if it had bitten somebody before. This is because they are legally required to provide extra safety measures after the dog's first bite. In these scenarios, a personal injury lawyer will help present your case in a court or an out-of-court settlement.

However, your case might be weak if you were trespassing or provoked the dog, and the other party's lawyer might use the situations as a potential defense. Thankfully, your lawyer will still find ways to present legal grounds as to why you should be compensated for certain expenses, such as medical bills.

Keeper's Negligence

When an owner leaves their dog in the hands of a keeper, mostly a professional caretaker, they are liable for the dog's actions at the time. Therefore, the keeper has to keep tabs of the dog, especially if they are aware of its dangerous tendencies. If you are hurt by such a dog, the keeper and the owner should compensate you.

Employer's Negligence

Homeless dogs usually roam around companies. Employers are supposed to take measures, such as report to animal services, to protect the employees. Dangerous dogs can pose a security threat to workers and customers.

Therefore, if a dog in your workplace injures you, a personal injury attorney can help fight for your rights. The attorney will prove that the employer knew about the dog and the danger it posed and didn't take any measures to protect the employees.

It's vital to file for a personal injury claim if a dog bites you due to the carelessness of another party. A reliable personal injury lawyer will help you identify the party in fault and pursue fair compensation.