The Art Of Negotiating For Assets During A Divorce

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When a marriage ends, there are bound to be some assets for the two ex-partners to divide. This usually leads to some form of negotiation, and it's a good idea to think about the art of getting what you want from the settlement. Here are 5 things a divorce lawyer will want you to know about asset negotiations.

It's a Negotiation

Negotiation means there will be some give and take. Prepare yourself for the possibility that you're not going to get every single thing you want. Likewise, it is important that you don't simply negotiate just to beat the other person. Your divorce attorney can provide you with advice, such as telling you to not give in too easily, even if you just want it to be over.

Divide the Assets into Three Groups

You can divide your assets into a few groups. Group one should be those assets you'd give to charity because it would free up space. Your list of items for the second group should include the stuff you want to get if at all possible. Group three should be the items you're sure your ex wants.

When you negotiate, the simple solution is often to start with some of the items from all three of the groups. After the other side objects, give them items you don't care about in exchange for ones you do. If you don't really care for the dog, for example, maybe you can trade the dog for a set of dinner plates that you like. Keep making these trades from the first and third groups until you run out of bargaining chips or get everything you want.

Consider Taking on Liabilities

People don't like carrying debts, especially if someone else could take them. Your ex may have a reasonable claim to a certain amount of the marital assets, but they may also be responsible for some of the marital debts. Accepting some of those liabilities in exchange for a few more assets is a good way to get over this asset division issue, especially if the negotiations aren't budging.

Be Practical

If you don't have the money to get a new house, for example, it might be best to trade away a few more assets in order to secure a place to live. Conversely, if the house isn't a big deal to you and your ex could use it, then it makes a good point of negotiation. 

For more information, contact a divorce attorney.