Innocent While Facing Criminal Charges? Your Options

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If you are innocent while facing criminal charges, what can you do about it? What are your options? As you proceed with your criminal charges as an innocent person, here are the options you have. One key to your defense will be a criminal defense lawyer, who can fight your case for you.

Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is an option that all defendants have when facing criminal charges. Some people choose not to hire lawyers. Instead, they represent themselves and speak in court about their own case. Others ask the court for a court-appointed lawyer if they cannot afford to pay the fees out of their pockets.

The other choice is to pay for a criminal lawyer yourself. If you can afford a lawyer, you benefit from choosing the one you want to hire. When choosing one, look for one with experience and a good reputation. If you are innocent of the charges you face, you will need a lawyer with experience and a great track record for winning cases.

Fight Your Case

After getting a lawyer, you must decide which route to take. The first option is to fight your case. Fighting a case is not always simple, easy, or fast, but it might be the best choice if you did not commit the crime. To fight a case, you will need a good lawyer and a strong case. One of the best things you can do when fighting a case is to gather evidence that proves you did not commit the charges. For example, do you have a solid alibi that can testify on your behalf? Do you have other evidence to use to fight the charges? If you fight your case, you will go to trial. It will be up to the jury to decide the outcome.

Take a Plea Bargain

If you have trouble finding evidence to prove your innocence, you might be better off taking a plea bargain. The downside to this is that you must admit guilt. The positive aspects of a plea bargain include a faster resolution and the chance that you might get reduced charges.

Fighting the charges against you might be the best option for you, but you should not decide until you speak with a lawyer. As you prepare for your case, make sure you hire a reputable criminal defense lawyer in your area.