How Auto-Brewery Syndrome Can Lead to a False DUI Accusation

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You might be driving home for any reason, find yourself pulled over by the police, and find yourself with a blood alcohol level that is above the legal limit. The problem is that you didn't have anything to drink. But as it turns out, some medical conditions like auto-brewery syndrome can lead to the body registering a much higher blood alcohol content than the real amount. Read on to learn more about handling a false DUI accusation. 

What Is Auto-Brewery Syndrome?

This is a condition that can lead to the body having an abnormally high blood alcohol level. This can be caused by a range of medical conditions including:

If you have very poor nutrition, you might suffer from this syndrome. You may also suffer from the syndrome as a result of taking antibiotics. 

Why You Might Have High Blood Alcohol

With auto-brewery syndrome, the body makes alcohol out of the carbs that you eat. This might lead to symptoms such as an inability to sleep, a lack of coordination, confusion, moodiness, and memory problems. However, you will be able to use the fact that you suffer from this condition as a defense in a DUI case. 

In many states, you cannot be charged with a DUI if you have not consumed alcohol—even if you have a high blood alcohol content. However, you will need to bring this up with your DUI attorney if you believe that you are suffering from this condition.

Some criminal codes do not explicitly state that you must have consumed alcohol to be convicted of having committed a DUI. However, you might still be able to use the fact that you suffer from this condition as a defense when the prosecutor is not able to prove that you consumed alcohol.

How to Build a Solid Case

A DUI can not only land you in jail but can cause you to lose your license. You will want to speak with a DUI attorney about how to build a solid case for why you were not under the influence of alcohol. The police might have also violated your rights through how they carried out the stop because there was no probable cause to justify the stop. 

Also, the police may not have carried out the breathalyzer test properly. The test might not have been properly calibrated. An experienced DUI attorney will investigate everything that happened and will help you prove that you should have your charges dropped.