Dealing With Tenant Evictions? 4 Reasons To Hire A Civil Attorney

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If you're dealing with troublesome tenants and you're working through the eviction process, you need to hire an attorney. You might think that evictions are a simple process to work through, but that's not the case. In fact, if you don't take the rights steps during the eviction process, you can find yourself facing serious legal issues. Before you're left to face a bigger battle than you expected, read the information provided below. You'll find four important reasons to hire an attorney to handle your evictions.

Avoid Eviction Notice Errors

If you want to avoid issues with your tenant evictions, it's crucial that you avoid mistakes with the actual notice. You might not realize this but there is more than one type of eviction notice. Failure to use the right notice could result in unwanted delays with the eviction. If you're not sure what type of eviction notice you need to use, hire a civil attorney. They can ensure that your tenants are served with the right eviction notice. 

Ensure Proper Service

If you have tenants that you need to evict, it's important that you ensure proper service of the eviction notice. In most cases, you can serve eviction notices on your own, or you can have your property management team serve the notice. However, there are times when more official service protocol must be utilized. This can happen when tenants become hostile or when they avoid service. When those situations arise, it's best that you hire a civil attorney. They'll ensure that service is conducted in a timely and professional manner. They'll also ensure documentation of the process, which will be necessary if your tenants decide to fight the eviction. 

Go Lawyer to Lawyer

If your tenants decide to fight the eviction, and they've hired an attorney to take the lead, you need to hire your own attorney. If your tenant has hired an attorney to fight an eviction notice, you could end up in a lengthy court battle, especially if you represent yourself. That's why you need to hire a civil attorney. They'll represent you during any eviction-related court hearings. They'll also increase your chances of a successful eviction. 

Attempt Mediation

Finally, if your tenants are trying to avoid eviction and you want to work with them, it's time to hire an attorney. Mediation may be able to help you avoid the eviction process altogether. A civil attorney can help you to facilitate the mediation process. 

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