Essential Information You Need Before Filing A Claim After Being Bitten By A Dog

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Injuries inflicted by a dog can cause long-term damage. Besides, the scratch and bite marks might leave permanent scars on your body. In both cases, you may have to live with physical and emotional pain, making it difficult to perform your daily activities and enjoy life. Therefore, you may want to know your legal options when you sustain dog bite injuries. A professional personal injury lawyer dealing with dog bites can evaluate your situation to know whether you have a case. They will then provide the following information before helping you to prepare your lawsuit.  

The Issues to Raise to Help You Win Your Case

The law compels every dog owner to control their pets to prevent them from hurting innocent passersby or visitors. Anyone who violates this rule by allowing their dog to attack another person is responsible for the accident. Therefore, you can sue a dog owner for failing to contain their pet regardless of whether you knew that it was dangerous. Your lawyer will evaluate your case to determine the laws the defendant violated. They will then raise different arguments to prove that the wrongdoer was negligent. Therefore, your legal advisor will request the court to punish them and compel them to compensate you.

What to Do When the Dog Owner Wants to Discuss Your Case

The dog owner may want to do everything possible to avoid the consequences of letting the dog run loose without a leash. Therefore, they might contact you to discuss your case. They could use that opportunity to ask you controversial questions to get information that they can use against you. It is not advisable to discuss the accident or write down anything without consulting your lawyer. They will advise you on what to say and avoid, ensuring that you don't give any information that may make you get less payment.

The Payments You Can Get After a Successful Claim

Your legal advisor will want to ensure that you recover a payment that will cover all your damages. Therefore, they will gather compelling evidence to prove that the pet owner was guilty of the crime. They will also provide information showing how the accident has affected your life. For example, they will table documents showing that you've not been working since the dog bit you. Thus, they will request that the defendant should compensate you for the lost wages. Your legal advisor will also help you get a payment for your medical expenses and pain and suffering.

There are time limits for filing a claim after being bitten by a dog. Besides, some dog bite injuries disappear after a few days or weeks. That explains the importance of consulting a professional personal injury lawyer as soon as a dog bites you. They will advise and handle the compensation process, ensuring that you get compensation for your injuries.

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